Pinnergy uses these systems at company-owned sites to ensure that waste fluids are disposed of in accordance with the safety, environmental and regulatory policies, and procedures. Pinnergy uses state-of-the-art technology in its mission to own, operate, and maintain its disposal sites.

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Our Team

Pinnergy is built on the honesty, integrity and dedication of our talented team of employees. Together we understand that the satisfaction of our customers is the hallmark by which we measure our continued success, and we are committed to that goal.

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Our History

Pinnergy is a diversified energy services company with a broad and comprehensive service offering to customers throughout Texas, Louisiana and New Mexico. Since 1992, Pinnergy has grown into one of the largest independent oilfield service companies, offering a full suite of fluids management and drilling services. Customers can reduce costs and streamline operations by packaging Pinnergy’s services.

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Company Involvement

For over 20 Years, Pinnergy has been involved with Shield Ranch to help protect our vast biodiversity in the great state of Texas. The solemn purpose at Shield Ranch is stewarding and protecting the Hill Country ecosystem. Through an evolving program of land management, unique nature immersion experiences, and conservation easements, Shield Ranch works to minimize impact from the rapidly urbanizing community.

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Areas of Operation

Pinnergy has operating locations throughout the Permian Basin, Haynesville Shale and Barnett Shale, some of the most active oil and gas regions in the U.S.

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